Voting in the United States, Part 2 – with Kat Calvin

In this episode of Notes From America, voting rights expert Kat Calvin and I will discuss through how many hoops Americans have to jump in order to vote, what her organization Spread The Vote does, and we’ll also examine the context and history of voter suppression to finally answer the question: Why is this happening?

This is part 2 of a mini series about the upcoming U.S. election. We recorded the interview in late July.


Kat Calvin, lawyer, voting rights expert and founder of Spread The Vote.

Listen to more from Kat Calvin over at Vote – The Podcast, which she does with’s Andrea Hailey.

Useful links

Information for the rules, requirements, and deadlines to vote in your state (from voter registration forms to polling station addresses) + links to your state’s official election center website: 

You will vote for more positions than the president’s office, but who else will be on your ballot? Find out at Ballotpedia:

At Vote Smart you can look up the candidates‘ bios, donors, and positions on a range of issues you might care about:

The ACLU’s How to Vote Guide answers many practical questions about the election, including what to do if you run into obstacles:

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