Great American Outdoors, Part 2 – with Carolyn Finney

Interview guest Dr. Carolyn Finney helps us explore the complicated relationship between land, race and belonging in the United States. She explains what representation means in national parks and other outdoor spaces, talks about „The Perils of Being Black in Public“, which she recently wrote for the „Guardian“, and how organizations as well as individuals could develop greater cultural competency.

This is part 2 of a mini series about the Great American Outdoors. We recorded the interview in September.


Dr. Carolyn Finney is a cultural geographer, author and storyteller who, among many other things, served on the U.S. National Parks Advisory Board for eight years.

Useful links:

„The Perils of Being Black in Public“, published in the Guardian in June 2020

Carolyn Finney’s book „Black Faces, White Spaces“ (2014)

And if you want to see Carolyn talk, here’s a TED talk she gave in February 2020:

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